1What is crowd Locate?
Crowd locate enables you find back your lost item without having to pay monthly fees or purchasing expensive Gps dcevices. The connected Traceit community will be able to search for your device. If one of the hundreds of Traceit users walk within Bluetooth range of your missing device while running their app, You will receive an update on your item’s last known location shown on your map. It is strictly confidential; only you will know that your device is missing
2Is my phone compatible with Traceit?
Yes, if it is an iphone or any android phone
3How does Traceit work?
The Traceit is used to find your lost items that are within Bluetooth range with your phone. If your device is not within Bluetooth range from your phone, it relies on other Traceit users within your community to help update you on your device last known location on your in-app-map. It can work in two ways. You can either ring your phone via your device or ring your device through the app in your phone. You can download the app from Google Store or App Store. The 100m range signal strength makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. If your device is out of Bluetooth range, a notification will be sent to you and if you don’t get it the app will mark your last known GPS location of your item
4My Traceit device’s battery died. Now What?
You can replace the battery and have your device running optimally as before.
5Is This a liveGps device?
No, For now the Traceit device does not use Gps technology, it uses the crowd locate utility to find your lost items. It all comes with the higher version Traceit Plus
6I lost my item. What can I do?
If you lost your Traceit device, The best thing will be to walk around the last place you remember having your item with your Traceit app open. If it is within Bluetooth coverage, then you have to ring the Traceit device with your item attached. If, However, you are not within Bluetooth range you can use the crowd locate network to see if you can Track the device.
7What is Traceit’s Warranty?
Considering the delicate nature of the product, we give a 7 days warranty
8Can I be a distributor for Traceit?
Yes, you can. If you can afford to reach our unending network of clientele within and outside your region. However there are requirements which would still be considered by the board.
9How many Traceit device can be paired to my phone?
One Traceit Device is paired to an Item, while You can pair as many as 5 Traceit devices on your phone
10What is the battery life of a Traceit device? Is the battery replaceable?
Traceit has a battery life of 6 months to a year, depending on usage. Yes, the battery is replaceable
11Can I share a multipack with my friends and family?
Yes, you can share a multipack with your friends and family depending on if those you are sharing with has a phone compatible with Traceit and are able to download the Traceit app. Although, you cannot simultaneously connect two phones to a Traceit device, You can connect more than one Traceit device to a Traceit compatible phone.
12Which accessories are available?
Water proof case and metal carabiner
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